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What is CQiNet?

CQiNet is a family of programs that combine Ham Radio with the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Two programs are currently in the family, "theBridge" and echoLinux.

Thebridge is a iLink/EchoLink compatable conference bridge that runs under various versions of Unix as well as Windows.

EchoLinux is a EchoLink client program for the Linux operating system.

Project Goals

  • Open Source implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) software specifically for Ham Radio. (duh !)
  • Ability to establish peer to peer connections without relying on the availability of a central server.
  • Provide strong authentication to ensure compliance with the necessary licensing requirements to remotely control transmitters.
  • Full duplex communications.
  • Ability to run on low cost / low power embedded platforms and surplus Internet appliances.
  • Support local, club, and special interest group directory servers.
  • Support multiple operating systems, not just Windows.
  • Provide voice mail, and automated announcements for repeaters.

Why ?

Currently there are three popular VoIP packages used by Ham Radio operators, IRLP, ILink and EchoLink. Since none of these packages are open source it is difficult to contribute to the their development and learn from them by studying their source code. Let's face it for many of us Ham Radio is more about playing with technology than it is about yacking on the radio or Internet.